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My NEW YouTube Series is here!

Happy #InternationalMermaidDay ! Watch my first episode of Mermaid Elle #SavingtheSeas YouTube Series!

This was SO much fun to create! I have spent the last 7 years as a professional mermaid building this character. With my film background I was able to put this all together. I wrote, filmed, edited and animated my entire series, and Serena Bass created the Mermaid Elle character animation.

After working on developing these series for a few months now, in the beginning of 2023 I reached out to Coral Restoration Foundation in the Florida Keys. I've always admired their restoration work and massive coral nursery. Every year I select a different non-profit to donate a percentage of my profits to and I am so happy to not only select Coral Restoration Foundation as a beneficiary but also to collaborate with them and promote their work. Featured here is Captain Coral who explains in de-tail the mer-mazing work they do.

This episode was sponsored by who designed my beautiful #SavingtheSeas tail I show off during my series. It was created using a drone image we captured in Puerto Rico from shore to deep ocean. Since my Saving the Seas cover the entire ocean itself, this was the mer-fect look for my character. Today, on #InternationalMermaidDay we are also laucnhing the new Saving the Seas Eco SirenaTail for all those Mermaid Elle fans who want to become doppelgängers of Mermaid Elle in a more affordable and eco-friendly way. A percentage of all Cape Cali's profits also donates to ocean conservation.

Here's a first look of the brand new Saving the Seas Eco Sirena Tail:

Along with my YouTube Series launching today, new eco-friendly Mermaid Elle Saving the Seas merch is also available on my Store at for kids and adults with messages from me and featuring some of my best friends from the reef!

A percentage of the profits donate to ocean conservation. This year donating to Coral Restoration Foundation!

So excited to make waves this year with my new series! Let's shellebrate mermaid today who give voice to our oceans and all marine life!

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