Mermaid Elle #SavingtheSeas

Mermaid Elle® is a family-friendly mermaid character created by Elle Jimenez who's job is to help promote ocean conservation awareness and the problem with pollution in the ocean. With your help, Mermaid Elle® can continue #SavingtheSeas


With an audience of over 2 Million followers on all social media platforms, Mermaid Elle is a voice for our ocean's health, an environmental activist and certified diver and marine ecologist. Mermaid Elle is available for public speaking, performances and educational activities to help promote ocean conservation awareness. 


Mermaid Elle® is an Ocean Conservation Advocate and Certified Marine Ecologist  promoting the protecting and healing of our oceans and environment. Every purchase and booking will donate a percentage of the profit to an ocean conservation organization through the Mermaid Elle #SavingtheSeas Project.

Elle Jimenez is also a PADI Mermaid Instructor Trainer and PADI Torchbearer advocating for ocean conservation as a PADI Pro and bringing the conservation narrative to PADI courses. Eco-tours are available free of charge when you sign up for the PADI Advanced Mermaid course





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Watch this video to dive deep into the #SavingtheSeas project

Spread the magic and the message of ocean conservation virtually by sending a spe-shell someone a personalized video message from Mermaid Elle and her friends. Swim over to Store for more!

"It's never too late to start #SavingtheSeas and with our daily eco-conscious decisions we can offset the threats that our oceans are facing. Together we can make a difference."

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