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The Ultimate Mermaid Dive Experience

The Ultimate Mermaid Dive Experience offers PADI Mermaid certifications, PADI Freediver certifications, dive days for certified mermaids and professional photography once a month at different locations! A fun, transformational experience for all divers and ocean lovers. 


All PADI Mermaid related courses, EFR & EOP are taught by world-renowned professional mermaid and PADI Mermaid Instructor Trainer, Elle Jimenez (Mermaid Elle). PADI Freediver courses are taught by SAG AFTRA and Black Panther stunt performer, Chin Burger of The Sea Warriors. All photography is by published underwater photographer, Darren Joshua of NATIV Productions


Mermaid tails are included for all PADI Mermaid students! We provide the mermaid gear plus complimentary snacks each day and one recap video included for your memories. Yoga class is included where locations allow. Professional land and underwater photography is available for booking.


Choose your course, date and location below. Space is limited, reserve your spot today! Sign up for my newsletter to stay tuned

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PADI Mermaid COURSES & more
Course descriptions 

PADI Discover Mermaid

1 Hour (minimum age 6 years old up to adult)

This course allows students to discover the world of mermaiding for the first time! Make a splash learning how to become a mermaid with activities in and out of the water. 

Max Depth: Water shallow enough in which to stand Location: Pool

$200 includes eLearning 

PADI Basic Mermaid

2+ Hours (minimum age 6 years old up to adult)

Double up on your mermaid knowledge, training and fun! Includes a knowledge development session and a confined water session.

Pre-requisite: Ability to swim at least 50m/160ft without swimming aids and float comfortably at the surface for at least 3 minutes.

Max Depth: 3m/10ft Location: Pool

$250 includes eLearning

PADI Mermaid

6 Hours, 1-2 Days (10 years old up to adult)

Take your mermaid training to a higher level. In this course, students dive deep into knowledge development and expand their confined water skills.

Pre-requisite: Ability to swim at least 50m/160ft without swim aids and float comfortably at the surface for at least 5 minutes.

Max Depth: 5m/15ft Location: Classroom & Pool

$350 includes eLearning

PADI Advanced Mermaid

10 Hours, 2-3 Days (12 years old up to adult)

Become a mermaid diver with this Advanced Mermaid course! Take the plunge into deeper knowledge development, basic mermaid freediving techniques and exploring the ocean as a mermaid.  

Pre-requisite: Ability to swim at least 100m/320ft without swim aids and float comfortably at the surface for at least 10 minutes.

Must have completed the PADI Mermaid course. 

Max Depth: 10m/30ft

Location: Classroom, Pool & Open Water *includes eLearning

PADI Advanced Mermaid $450 (Pre-requisite: PADI Mermaid)

PADI Mermaid + PADI Advanced Mermaid Bundle $650

Mermaid Photoshoot Session with NATIV Productions 

Mermaid costume options available for rent. See options and book here

*$100 off for our students and alumni 

*Not included during certification or dive days.

*Can be scheduled before or after sessions below.

Professional Mermaid Consultations 

Want to become a professional mermaid? Schedule a professional mermaid consultation with world-renowned professional mermaid, Mermaid Elle, to learn about mermaid entertainment, content creation or mermaid business advice.  $75 for 30 minutes - $150 for 1 hour 

PADI Mermaid Instructor 3 to 5 Days

Become a PADI Professional with this course. The PADI Mermaid Instructor certification offers an ocean of opportunities for PADI Advanced Mermaids who want to teach others, open a diving business, work with dive shops, full-time, part-time or freelance, and able to teach Discover Mermaid, Basic Mermaid, Mermaid and Advanced Mermaid courses. The PADI Mermaid Instructor course is for qualified individuals who are looking to teach the PADI Mermaid Program at a dive center or start their own mermaid business. This program will prepare you to become a PADI Pro, with PADI Standard guidelines, course curriculum, marketing, gear and many other tools to ensure success teaching the PADI Mermaid courses. 

Learn more about the PADI Mermaid Instructor course here

PADI Freediver & Advanced Freediver - 2 to 3 Days

Freediving is about inward power, discipline and control. If you've always wanted to enter the underwater world quietly, on your own terms, staying as long as your breath allows, then freediving is for you. Freediving is becoming a popular way to explore beneath the waves as it develops the knowledge and skills for static apnea, dynamic apnea, free immersion and constant weight freediving.

Location: Classroom, Pool & Open Water

PADI Freediver $400 includes eLearning Depth Requirement:10-16m/30-55 feet. Static Apnea 1:30 min.

PADI Advanced Freediver $600 includes eLearning Depth Requirement: 20m/65ft Static Apnea 2:30 min. *Prerequisite: PADI Freediver and EFR/CPR & First Aid within last 24 months.

PADI Freediver & Advanced Freediver bundle: $850

EFR (Emergency First Response) Certification - 2 to 4 Hours

Emergency First Response® primary and secondary care training teaches you what to do in the critical moments between when a life-threatening emergency occurs and when emergency medical services arrive. $250 includes eLearning 

EOP (Emergency Oxygen Provider) Certification -1 to 2 Hours

Knowing how and when to administer emergency oxygen is a valuable skill to have in a dive emergency. PADI® Emergency Oxygen Provider prepares you to offer emergency oxygen.

$150 includes eLearning (EFR + EOP bundle $350)

Mermaid Dive Day

Certified PADI Advanced Mermaids and alumni can join all of our open water sessions as listed below and enjoy self-practice in buddy systems. Join us for free with your own approved training gear or inquire about our gear rentals. 

*must have proof of qualifying PADI certification.

*must sign up below

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Upcoming 2023 Courses

The Florida Springs / Orlando, FL

July 29-30 PADI Mermaid+Advanced Mermaid $650 (FULL)

*Certified PADI Advanced Mermaids can join our Dive Day for free with your own approved training gear. Gear rentals available. 

The Dive: Want to dive in the gorgeous freshwater oasis of Florida? The world famous Florida Springs are clear, refreshing and full of nature. Dive in deep and explore these natural wonders with us! Becuase of their chilly temps, wet suits are required!

*Want to become a PADI Mermaid Instructor at this location? 

click here


Puerto Rico / Aguadilla, PR

August 19-20 PADI Mermaid+Advanced Mermaid $650

*Stay accomodations available


*Certified PADI Advanced Mermaids can join our Dive Day for free with your own approved training gear. Gear rentals available. 

The Dive: Join us in the beautiful island of enchantment, la Isla del Encanto, Mermaid Elle’s home. Enjoy the warm waters where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean, featuring an easy offshore dive with tons of untouched underwater beauty. PADI Mermaid courses are bilingual (English/Spanish). All other courses are in English. We invite the locals and tourists alike! 

*Want to become a PADI Mermaid Instructor at this location? 

click here

More courses coming soon


• All PADI Mermaid courses include one free recap video for your memories.

• Underwater Photography and Videography must be booked separately.

• We provide mermaid tails, monofins, weights and weight belts for students.

• eLearning is included in these prices and must be completed before the in-person portion. 

• Participants are responsible for their own transportation, travel accommodations, food and lodging. 

• Must bring your own low-volume mask, J snorkel and bifins for all courses. 

• A wetsuit is required in cold water environments and for PADI Freediver. 

• Some open water/dive days, not all, may require a boat ride to our dive location not included in these prices. Boat rides range from $50-150. If a boat ride is needed it is mentioned under every session.

Certified PADI Advanced Mermaids can join our Dive Day for free with your own approved training gear. Gear rentals available. Must sign up first and get approved to join. Must cover own boat expenses. 

• All courses subject to weather permitting, free rescheduling if cancelled by instructor due to weather.

• Must already be a good swimmer to participate in any of our water activities.

• Courses must meet class minimums of at least 3 participants

• In an effort to reduce our human impact on our oceans, as of January 10, 2023, PADI will issue all certifications as an eCard vs. the plastic certification card. Once the certification is processed ordering a mailed card will be an option available on your PADI portal. 

•Refund Policy: Refunds can only be issued when requested within 72 hours of payment. After this time, we cannot issue refunds, however, we can keep a credit to be applied at a later time. The cost of eLearning cannot be refunded or applied as credit.

• As a PADI Torchbearer for all certified divers, you are encouraged to clean up any found trash.

• All participants get a 10% discount on mermaid gear at with code ELLE

• Sign up for my newsletter to get email notifications & follow @mermaidcourses on social media to stay tuned




We will contact you back soon with more information

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"When I first discovered Mermaid Elle’s course, I didn’t think it was something I could do myself. I only signed up after much hesitation because I’m always trying to do better in the water. Elle made the course friendly, comfortable and actually brought out the natural mermaid in me. Who knew? The in person portion was not intimidating at all. Elle makes you feel safe and beautiful! I highly recommend the course for anyone who is even remotely curious about learning some basic mermaid skills, swimming in a monofin or tail, or anyone who would like to become a professional mermaid!"

-Hannah E. (PADI Mermaid Alumni)

Meet The Team


Darren Joshua

  • Instagram

Professional Photographer

Certified Assistant

Published Underwater Photographer

professional mermaid elle little mermaid merpeople mermaid show  padi mermaid

Elle Jimenez / Mermaid Elle

  • Instagram

PADI Mermaid Instructor Trainer

EFR & EOP Instructor

World Famous Professional Mermaid


Chin Burger

  • Instagram

PADI Advanced Freediver Instructor

Certified Assistant

SAG AFTRA Stunt Performer

The Ultimate Mermaid Dive Experience also includes Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation taught by PADI Mermaid Instructor Trainer and Registered Yoga Teacher, Elle Jimenez (Mermaid Elle)

Use code ELLE for 10% off at


Mermaid Tails & Dive Wear:


Scuba diver rescued by ‘mermaids’ off California’s Catalina Island

You may have heard of this story on Fox News, the Drew Barrymore Show, Inside Edition and others. During one of our PADI Advanced Mermaid courses taught by Mermaid Elle, we rescued an unconscious scuba diver, a story that proves the importance of safety training in the PADI Mermaid Program.

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