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Mermaid Diving Courses & More

Mermaid Education with PADI Mermaid Diving Courses and Mermaid Entertainment Specialty Workshops taught by world-renowned professional Mermaid Elle®

The PADI Mermaid™ courses include knowledge development and many skills that make mermaiding an underwater self-expressive art, separate from other types of diving. These courses are for mermaid diving purposes only.

Mermaid Entertainment Consultations include performance coaching and all the mermaid secrets of becoming a professional mermaid and starting your own mermaid business. Learn the secrets of the mermaid industry, how to become a professional mermaid and how to start and manage your mermaid business.

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All courses available in English and Spanish



PADI Discover Mermaid -  1 Hour (minimum age 6 years old up to adult)

This course allows students to discover the world of mermaiding for the first time! Make a splash learning how to become a mermaid with activities in and out of the water. 

Max Depth: Water shallow enough in which to stand

Location: Pool

$200 includes eLearning 


PADI Basic Mermaid  -  2 Hours (minimum age 6 years old up to adult)

Double up on your mermaid knowledge, training and fun! Includes a knowledge development session and a confined water session.

Pre-requisite: Ability to swim at least 50m/160ft without swimming aids and float comfortably at the surface for at least 3 minutes.

Max Depth: 3m/10ft

Location: Pool

$250 includes eLearning

PADI Mermaid -  6 Hours (minimum age 10 years old up to adult)

Take your mermaid training to a higher level. In this course, students dive deep into knowledge development and expand their confined water skills.

Pre-requisite: Ability to swim at least 50m/160ft without swim aids and float comfortably at the surface for at least 5 minutes.

Max Depth: 5m/15ft

Location: Pool

$350 includes eLearning


PADI Advanced Mermaid - 10 Hours  (minimum age 12 years old up to adult)

Become a mermaid diver with this Advanced Mermaid course! Take the plunge into deeper knowledge development, basic freediving techniques and exploring the ocean as a mermaid.  

Pre-requisite: Ability to swim at least 100m/320ft without swim aids and float comfortably at the surface for at least 10 minutes. Must have completed the PADI Mermaid course. 

Max Depth: 10m/30ft

Location: Pool & Open Water

*includes eLearning

$450 (Pre-requisite: PADI Mermaid)

PADI Mermaid + PADI Advanced Mermaid Bundle $650

Entertainment & Photoshoots

Professional Mermaid Consultations 

Schedule a private consultation call via Zoom with world-renowned professional mermaid performer, Mermaid Elle. Recommended for aspiring professional mermaids who are looking to learn more about the event entertainment industry and how to get started in the mermaid business. Schedule your sessions as needed. 

One time 1 Hour Consultation $250

Recurring Weekly/Monthly Mentorship Upon Request

Mermaid Photoshoots 

Book a professional mermaid photoshoot on land or underwater with NATIV Productions (www.nativproductions.com), includes model coaching by Mermaid Elle. 

-Land Photoshoot: Starts at $300 (1 Location, 10 Edited Images)

-Underwater Photoshoot: Starts at $450 (1 Location, 5 Edited Images)

-Optional Mermaid Costume Rental $150 add on (includes monofin, realistic fabric tail, tops and crown options) 

*$50 off for our PADI Students 

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*All Mermaid Equipment will be provided

*All participants get a 10% discount on mermaid gear at CapeCali.com 

*eLearning Included in these prices

*eLearning Courses Must Be Completed Prior to the In-Person Sessions

*All courses subject to weather permitting, free rescheduling if cancelled by instructor due to weather

*Must already be a great swimmer

*Group classes must meet class minimums 

*Class Listings will be updated frequently, check back for more dates & locations

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Mermaid Tails & Dive Wear:


"Becoming a mermaid is really just being yourself in your most powerful form. We call ourselves mer-sisters and mer-brothers because mermaids are one species, one family, one school of fish!"


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"When I first discovered Mermaid Elle’s course, I didn’t think it was something I could do myself. I only signed up after much hesitation because I’m always trying to do better in the water. Elle made the course friendly, comfortable and actually brought out the natural mermaid in me. Who knew? The in person portion was not intimidating at all. Elle makes you feel safe and beautiful! I highly recommend the course for anyone who is even remotely curious about learning some basic mermaid skills, swimming in a monofin or tail, or anyone who would like to become a professional mermaid!"

-Hannah E.