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Like our friend Sebastian would say “The human world, it’s a mess. Life under the sea is better than anything they’ve got up there!” Isn’t that right, fishies!? Dive into a world of magic, wonder and fun deep in the sea with your favorite mermaid princess, Mermaid Elle and her fish friends! 

1-2 minute Personalized *Animated* Video Message:
This video will be a quick shello and a mermazing surprise for your little ones to let them know Mermaid Elle is thinking of them. It’s a great introduction! Includes: Customized Message, Real Mermaid Experience (real mermaid ocean swimming!), Meet Skippy!
Delivers in 3-5 business days


2-3 Minute Personalized *Animated* Video Message:

Swim with Mermaid Elle, Skippy and also Sparkles, the seahorse!

Includes: Customized Message, Real Mermaid Experience (real mermaid ocean swimming!), Meet Skippy and Sparkles!

Delivers in 3-5 business days

5 minute Personalized *Animated* Video Message:
During these magical 5 minutes, Mermaid Elle will introduce you to more friends and show you around the ocean!

Includes: Customized Message, Extended Real Mermaid Experience and more sea friends!
Delivers in 3-5 business days

15 minute Magical Virtual Appearance: (Non-Animated) Chat LIVE with Mermaid Elle! You can schedule these once or a few times a week!

 *Disponible en español* 

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