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Benefits of Becoming a PADI Mermaid

Mermaids are undeniably timeless; they have always been a trending topic amongst both kids and adults. From fiction movies and cartoons to a diver’s own imagination, mermaids always resurface from time to time. Have you noticed? The popularity of mermaids has increased dramatically over the past decade with more and more ocean lovers, mermaid impersonators and avid swimmers and divers creating a subculture that brings mermaids to life. But what is a mermaid with a tail if she doesn’t take the plunge and dive in? Along with the general mermaid popularity, a wave of opportunity has now washed ashore for both mermaids who dive and divers who want to become mermaids.

The PADI Mermaid program is not only a splash, but it is also very bene-fish-al to those who enjoy the art and sport of being a mermaid. From learning how to mermaid dive safely, to experiencing such a unique experience, mermaiding is a one-of-a-kind sport. Here are some of the fin-tastic benefits of being a PADI Mermaid:

Mermaid Diving Safety

Learning how to dive safely in a monofin and/or mermaid tail is essen-shell to any participant. This Mermaid Education is one that will give peace of mind to the diver through learning important techniques and knowledge development. A participant can expect to learn self-rescue, diving techniques, buddy systems, and how to get out of a fishy situation.


Being a PADI Mermaid is de-fin-etly empowering! Exploring our human abilities from the perspective of mermaids can help everyone, at any age, any gender or ethnicity, feel the power of being such majestic, enchanting and magical creatures. The feeling of gliding through the water in a mermaid tail is so rewarding and an inspiring experience. Furthermore, the idea of a mermaid pod, bringing mermaids together, inspires unity, mutual support and community.

Introduction to Freediving

The PADI Mermaid Program is great for Freediving beginners. A participant can expect to learn about buoyancy, apnea, and other freediving techniques that can be a great start for those interested in experiencing the PADI Freediver course.

Ocean Conservation

The origin of the word “mermaid” is literally “maid of the sea”. Mermaiding as a sport does not only include the mermaid diving techniques, but it also impersonates both the beauty and mission of mermaids. What is a mermaid’s mission? To protect the ocean! Exploring this ocean-minded course, as with any diving course, allows the participants to learn how they can impact a mermaid’s home in the ocean and how they can make a difference.

A Unique Fun Experience

The PADI Mermaid course provides a unique experience that is filled with fun and excitement. Undoubtedly, it is an experience that can make dreams come true and allows the participant to dive in an ocean of adventure.

Being a PADI Mermaid Instructor has allowed me to inspire so many others to explore the mermaid world in a way that is safe, knowledgeable, empowering and ocean-minded. Our oceans are essen-shell to our planet, and as PADI Mermaids it is our duty to advocate for a mermaid’s home. When we think of mermaids, we may think of beauty, glamour and regality, but if we dive down a little deeper, the role of a mer-maid is to serve the ocean.

Choosing eco-conscious products and gear to use while mermaid diving is the first step to proudly representing the mermaid culture. Avoiding glitter, some hair and makeup products, and any other mermaid equipment or accessories that can negatively impact our oceans is so important. Of course, mermaid fashion is fun and there are many ways to level up on your mermaid swag and style, without leaving a footprint.

A company that can cover all the bases is which specializes in ocean-minded efficient mermaid diving gear such as monofins and mermaid tails and donates a percentage of the profits to ocean conservation. Not only do they feature a large selection of fabulous mermaid tails and recycled rubber monofins but also dive wear, swimwear, robes, clothing, accessories, and so much more for any mermaid lover. The high quality mermaid tails not only are beautifully designed to make mermaids look like ocean queens but are also designed to be efficient for diving. Partnering with such an incredible eco-conscious brand is the best mermaid move I’ve ever done! I actively work with CapeCali in promoting their products and designing mermaid tails inspired by nature, the oceans and marine life. Can you be both a fabulous mermaid and spread ocean conservation awareness while you’re at it? Shell Yeah!

Along with CapeCali and my Mermaid Elle® #SavingtheSeas project, I’ve been able to make waves on social media, gathering around 2.5 Million followers world wide. My biggest audience is on TikTok at 2.1 Million where I showcase my work as a full-time Professional Mermaid and as a PADI Mermaid Instructor. It has been such a great platform to connect with my audience. My advice for anyone getting started on social media, specifically on TikTok, is to create pieces of content that are light, educational, a bit funny and quirky and also a bit personal. Mermaid content is rare and unique, and “humanizing” it, making it more personable and achievable for a wider audience is my top secret.

Now, with the PADI Mermaid Program, everyone can be a mermaid and I cannot wait to see how the mermaid dive industry grows, making waves in safe diving, empowerment, community and ocean conservation, both as an art and a sport.

If you love mermaids and ever wished to become one, trust me, now is the mer-fect time to do it!

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